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About Ceseli Josephus Jitta

For me, independent artwork and the creation of picture books and illustrations are different forms of expression for my artistic skill.
In my illustrations I thrive for expression and simplicity.
The illustrations should not picture literally the text, but should translate it, add to it and have some humour in them.
I let the nature of the text lead to the technique I work in.

My first picture book, was rewarded with a ‘Vlag en Wimpel’ and the illustrations were selected for the exhibition Dutch Oranges (Bologna, 2001).

‘Jitta’s lively and varied compositions are always surprising. Furthermore, she avoids any overlap of text and picture, which means her stories can be seen and listened to on different levels, lending a poetic subtlety to the everyday.’ (Groene Amsterdammer)

Lola en de leasekat was rewarded with a silver pencil (2007), nomination golden Owl (2007)

The starting point in the independent artwork is the exploration of the possibilities of different carriers. The chosen material (stone wood, glass, fabric, paper, etc.) is the starting point, guiding me through my work.

.For example:

Painting on glass, I work on the backside of the glass panel, first strokes remain visible at the front side, exactly the reverse of the technique when painting on an opaque carrier where the first strokes mostly disappear when the work develops.

The glass painting will stay perfectly flat at the front side, while getting uneven, and scratched at the backside. The backside gives away the information how the work came to life.

Working on wood permits carving, hammering, and uneven surface is likely to form and multiple layers of paint may follow, covering the previous layers.